The Visits: Dreaming About My Dad

Dating back to ancient times, dreams have fascinated people and have often served as guides. Describe the most vivid or reoccurring dream you’ve had in 2013. Imagine it’s a mysterious message in a bottle from your Higher Self. How might it direct you in the coming year?

I’ve been told that dreaming about those who have passed away can be considered “visits” to show you that you’re being watched over and thought about. I don’t dream about my father too often, but whenever I do, I usually always remember the dream when I wake up, as it is often quite vivid.

This is one of the first dreams I had about my dad, which struck me because it was the first time in a long time that I heard his voice. This is what happened:

I’m at my parents’ house, playing cars and trucks with a child, a little boy (Mine? My sister’s?) on the kitchen floor. I get up and go get something from the garage. I hear my dad banging outside the garage door, saying “Rowie! It’s me! Let me in!” I run back inside and yell for my sister and I tell her, “OMG, Dad is here! I heard him!”

…and then I woke up.

It may not seem like a very significant dream, but my heart was racing when I woke up because I heard him. And that meant a lot, because I was afraid of forgetting what he sounded like. Hell, I get afraid of forgetting many things. But it’s dreams like this one, and the pictures, and the videos, and the karaoke recordings, that will keep his memory alive, that will keep the memories we had together as a family written on my heart.

I miss him, but I have his “visits” to look forward to, to help me remember that he’s in a better place, that he’s at peace, and that I’ll never be alone.

Me and Daddy

About Rowena Winkler

Passionate Performer, Speaker and Writer by Calling, Dancer of All Good Beats, Yoga Practitioner and Enthusiast, Spiritual Trustee of the Universe, Traveler of Many Distant Lands, Lover of Derek the Logical but Amiable, Mother of Eponine/Dex/Teyla, Architect of Spoken Word Poetry, Trainer in the Craft of Communication, Unapologetic Individual, First of Her Name.
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