You’re Invited: Cultivation Shower 2014

We were married about five years and moving into our new house when I adopted the philosophy that bridal showers are wasted on newlyweds. Young and blushing soon-to-be-brides dreamily choosing bathroom colors and bedding sets don’t know that they will constantly run out of kitchen towels. Now that I’ve been married 15 years I want a new shower, one that would replenish my home with real necessities discovered by living– not dictated by wedding planners, gift-giving guides, or giggly roommates.

Of course, aging and changing is much the same. We prepare ourselves with certain expectations only to discover that our journey leads us to needing something more. Throw yourself a Cultivation Shower, fill a plate of refreshments (calories don’t count here), and gift yourself with what you need. If you were able to throw yourself a shower to begin 2014, what gifts would you give yourself? Has there been something you’ve realized has been missing and now need? What has it been?

Overall, I’d say that I’m happy with how things are shaping up so far in 2014. I started a new semester at a job that I absolutely love, I’m getting closer to my wonderful friends and family, I’m singing again with my beloved choir, and I’m getting more involved with my awesome church community. I’ve never been the type to want much to keep me happy. It’s always about the little things, right – the moments you share with your loved ones that don’t cost much, but mean everything.

If I were to say one thing was missing however, I’d have to say that I’m currently no longer in a relationship. My 7-year relationship with Michael ended in July, and it was definitely hard, but it was probably for the best.

Not too long after the break-up, I was kinda all over the place, going on random dates, giving men a chance when I shouldn’t have…it was probably my way of coping with the break-up, mixed in with loneliness, and I’ll admit it probably wasn’t my finest hour, er, semester.

But now here we are, in 2014, and I’m putting all of that stuff in the past. I’m starting over with a clean slate. And like my sister’s pastor told us at service right before I came back to VA, I’m going to take 2014 to work on making myself a better person, so that I can attract the kind of man that God intends me to be with. I just need to stop putting so much pressure on myself, be patient, and I know it’ll happen. Besides, I’m way too cool to be single for the rest of my life, right? 😛

So there ya have it – not asking for much for my Cultivation Shower, just to strengthen my relationship with God and with those I care about so much, and if it’s not too much trouble, a man who will love me wholeheartedly that I will love wholeheartedly right back.

About Rowena Winkler

Passionate Performer, Speaker and Writer by Calling, Dancer of All Good Beats, Yoga Practitioner and Enthusiast, Spiritual Trustee of the Universe, Traveler of Many Distant Lands, Lover of Derek the Logical but Amiable, Mother of Eponine/Dex/Teyla, Architect of Spoken Word Poetry, Trainer in the Craft of Communication, Unapologetic Individual, First of Her Name.
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