My Silver Diner Obsession

Day 27: Show and Tell

Were you creative in 2012? Did you finally tackle that home improvement project you’ve been putting off? Did you finally make that scrapbook that’s been sitting untouched for God-knows how long? Show us your projects! How did you finish them? Are you happy with the final result, or is there something more you wish you could have done with it?

If you count passing comps and writing a dissertation prospectus as projects, then I suppose I finished some major ones. But that’s kinda boring. Unfortunately however, these major academic projects took up the majority of my time in 2012, so I don’t really have anything creative to share. But I have thought of something that could possibly be considered a “project” – it definitely took a lot of time and effort, that’s for sure. 🙂

Lots of my MD friends know that I am basically obsessed with the Silver Diner over on Greenbelt Rd., not too far from my house. And when I say obsessed, I am not really joking. There have been times in 2012 that I went to the Silver Diner twice in one day. One time, I went to the Silver Diner three times in less than 48 hours – once for dinner, and then for brunch and dinner the next day. What can I say, the food is delicious and the service is pretty great. Also, lots of the servers know who I am because I’m such a frequent diner that they treat me pretty well at this point.

Well this “project” that I accomplished in 2012 has to do with the Silver Diner’s “Eat Well, Do Well” card. Essentially it’s a rewards card where you get a point for every visit, and then after 5 visits you get $5 off of your meal. It’s a pretty swanky deal.

Toward the end of 2012 I completed a great task – I had been to the Silver Diner 50 times. Yup, within one calendar year (or it could have just been over the course of one semester, for all I know) I dined at that fine establishment 50 times. Perhaps its something I shouldn’t really brag about (my friends actually make fun of me for it!) but hey, it’s a pretty big accomplishment!

So there ya go – my “project” of 2012. Feeding into my Silver Diner obsession by eating there probably way too many times to be considered healthy. Ah well, I love that place.

50 times in one year! 50!

50 times in one year! 50!

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