Negativity: What Got Me Pissed in 2012

Day 12: A Blogger’s Prerogative

Since you’re following these prompts, you’re more than likely a blogger. Was there a time this year where you received a comment on a blog post that made you want to just throw in the blogging towel and shut down your blog? Maybe you deleted the comment but it’s still bugging you. Call that person out (but not by name) and tell them how their comment made you feel! And if you haven’t gotten any particularly rude comments, write to someone that pissed you off! Get it all out!

Well since I hadn’t blogged all year until 12 days ago, I can’t really answer the first part of this prompt – without blog posts there are no comments, and without comments there are no comments that have bugged me at all. So this part of the prompt is a total bust.

But I will speak about someone who has pissed me off this year. Luckily it is no one that I’m close to or even really particularly care about. It’s more work-related.

There is a person I am working with for a research project that is simply just miserable. And when I say miserable, I mean miserable! This person is probably the most negative person I have ever encountered in my 26 years of existence. He likes to shoot down every single idea that we have for the research project, but never ever gives any of his own recommendations or suggestions for improvement. I get anxiety getting emails from this person or going on conference calls with this person because I’m afraid of what he is going to say next. It’s like he sucks the positive energy out of each and every meeting. It’s simply horrible.

I’m trying to make light of the situation and take it as a learning experience. We don’t always get to choose who we work with, and sometimes we have to deal with people that are just plain difficult. But I’m finding that the more I interact with this person, the harder it is for me to find the silver lining. I just have to keep trying to remind myself that I only have to deal with this person for a couple of more months, and then I can graduate from UMD and never have to see this person ever again!


What about you? Is there someone at work that is like this person I am talking about? Do you have a negative person bringing everyone down in the workplace? Share with me your experiences and your coping strategies – how were you able to make it out alive?


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