My 2012 Word

DAY THIRTY-ONE – One word. Encapsulate your hopes for the year 2012 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word.

My word for 2012 will be destiny.

Why? This coming year will be a pivotal one for me. Not to sound so over dramatic, but the decisions I make in 2012 will probably affect me for the rest of my life. I firmly believe in that.

What kinds of decisions you ask? Well the biggest one is where I will find a job. As relayed in a previous post, I’m crossing my fingers that somehow a school close to home will be hiring. After having that big conversation with Mike, and spending so much time with him this winter break, I’ve decided that I really want things to work out between us. I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. So if that means figuring out what would be feasible between the two of us, I’m willing to have that conversation. But, why oh why couldn’t there be any big research schools with a PR program in New Jersey? That would make things so much easier. *sigh*

2012 will also be when I take my comprehensive exams and start writing my dissertation prospectus. I have to decide how I will manage my time this coming summer and study while writing the diss. Luckily for me my friend Beth shared her schedule, and was very successful (and didn’t seem stressed out at all!) so I will definitely follow her lead. My only fear is that I will be uber burnt out by the time I get to that point, but hopefully taking a few days off after the end of the spring semester will get my back to my motivated self in no time!

And of course we can’t forget ballroom. I’m going to look to ballroom as my release when the stressors of the job market and comps and dissertation writing bring me down. I’ll just say, “eff it, I’m taking a break, and I’m going to dance for a couple hours!” I think this will work out very nicely for me. Plus I love my ballroom friends, and my partner, so that’s an added fun time bonus, haha. 🙂

So those are my hopes for 2012 – seeing where my destiny takes me. I’m excited to see what the future brings.


About Rowena Winkler

Passionate Performer, Speaker and Writer by Calling, Dancer of All Good Beats, Yoga Practitioner and Enthusiast, Spiritual Trustee of the Universe, Traveler of Many Distant Lands, Lover of Derek the Logical but Amiable, Mother of Eponine/Dex/Teyla, Architect of Spoken Word Poetry, Trainer in the Craft of Communication, Unapologetic Individual, First of Her Name.
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