Performing: Me at its Core

DAY TWENTY-THREE – Core Story. What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today.)

After reflecting on my posts so far, my core story is this:

I am a performer.

Here are the ways that I perform in my life and share my core story with the world. Let’s start with the obvious and work our way down:

I am a ballroom dancer. My newest type of performance, but something that I now can’t seem to live without. Ballroom dancing isn’t just about the technique and knowing the steps (though that certainly helps!). It’s about feeling the music, feeling connected to your partner, and selling your dancing. I’ve been told several times that couples have been called back despite mistakes because they were smiling the entire time. So you know that that means…jive face – ON! 😀

I am a singer. No matter how much I love ballroom, this will never go away. Whether it’s singing karaoke in my basement with my parents, belting showtunes in the shower, or singing along to guitar strumming on roadtrips, I will always consider singing my #1 passion. Now if only I could sing and dance at the same time…?

I am a teacher. Ever since I started teaching back in 2008 I’ve always considered every lecture a performance. You think singing in front of a crowd is hard? Try keeping college students engaged at 8 in the morning! Over the years I’ve tried to make classes more interactive, by asking questions and including activities to keep students involved. Not only does it make things interesting all semester long, but it also helps with evaluations come end of the semester.

I am a scholar. With me planning on going on the job market this upcoming year, I need to bring my A-game on. Going on the job market can be considered a performance as well. I need to sell my research, sell my teaching, and demonstrate that I can be a colleague that others would want to work with for the next several years. This upcoming year will be all about prepping for the job market performance – I’m nervous, but I can’t wait.

I am a girlfriend. I must admit, I probably have not been performing this role as well as I should be lately. Michael and I haven’t seen each other as much as we usually do, now that I’ve found ballroom and he’s been busy on work trips and playing with his band. Now that I’m home for a couple of weeks I’m excited to spend some quality time with the man, reinforcing once more why we’ve worked these past 5.5 years.

I am a friend. I’m also trying to get this particular performance up to snuff, by contacting friends I haven’t seen in months. Last year I talked about how I am terrible at keeping in touch – and I must admit that this year hasn’t been any better. But I hope that soon enough I’ll catch up with old friends here in NJ and then come back to MD to pick up with my new friends. It’s an exciting year ahead in terms of friendships, that’s for sure!

And that’s my core story. I’m excited to see where it takes me in 2012.

About Rowena Winkler

Passionate Performer, Speaker and Writer by Calling, Dancer of All Good Beats, Yoga Practitioner and Enthusiast, Spiritual Trustee of the Universe, Traveler of Many Distant Lands, Lover of Derek the Logical but Amiable, Mother of Eponine/Dex/Teyla, Architect of Spoken Word Poetry, Trainer in the Craft of Communication, Unapologetic Individual, First of Her Name.
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