A Reflection on Pop Culture

DAY FIFTEEN – Popular Culture. What are some things/ideas/people/phrases/words you hope will stay in 2011? What are some things/ideas/people/phrases/words you hope to hear more of in 2012?

Since I am pretty terrible at all things pop culture, my list is pretty short. But here are some things that I hope will stay in 2011:

  • Zumba. Over the past couple of years, this awesome aerobicize has really taken off! I even have some friends who are certified Zumba instructors. Even though I haven’t been to a class in FOREVER because of ballroom, I still hope that Zumba will stick around for everyone else’s enjoyment.
  • Facebook timeline. Though very new, I am not against the new feature. At all. In fact, I really like the new timeline feature. I was able to add some baby photos, and I can’t wait to add some life events. Just think of when other new features have come out and we’ve hated it – I’m sure everyone will get used to timeline in no time.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles. I am hoping that the team will be the opposite of how they’ve been every other season: maybe, just maybe, they suck really hard in the beginning of the season but managed to pull it out at the end? What sucks is that our fate depends on other teams in the NFC East. Well, by the time the end of reverb11 comes around we will know their fate. But I really hope the Eagles stick around for the postseason.
  • Flash mobs. I was kind of in one over the summer (it was more of a performance type deal and less of a flash mob, but still fun!) and I really enjoy the concept. Apparently Howie Mandel is hosting a new show based on flash mobs called Mobbed, so we’ll see if that continues this awesome trend. The best is the last one I saw of senior citizens at a Kansas Wal-Mart – A-MA-ZING.

And here are some things I hope to hear more of:

  • CFs. A little inappropriate to translate on the blogosphere, but ask me sometime and I’ll tell you. In any case it’s an awesome word that more people need to be saying. 🙂
  • Pentatonix. OMG I fell in love with these guys and was sooo happy that they won The Sing Off. The fact that there are only 5 members of this group (FIVE!) and have such a full, amazing sound still astonishes me to this day. I can’t wait until these guys drop their first full length album – it is going to be epic.

Yeah and that’s about it. Told you I was terrible at this.

About Rowena Winkler

Passionate Performer, Speaker and Writer by Calling, Dancer of All Good Beats, Yoga Practitioner and Enthusiast, Spiritual Trustee of the Universe, Traveler of Many Distant Lands, Lover of Derek the Logical but Amiable, Mother of Eponine/Dex/Teyla, Architect of Spoken Word Poetry, Trainer in the Craft of Communication, Unapologetic Individual, First of Her Name.
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